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There are so many amazing and anointed worship songs being released right now. So, we have created a playlist (on YouTube and Spotify) so that you can worship at home with the songs we have recently introduced or plan to introduce in the future! ​

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Updates Video

0:00 Cody & Tirsha - Introduction


3:54 Taydn Tucker - Update on Pastor Dave


6:59 Tiffany Lynch - Children & Youth

9:07 Vernon Gregoire - Leadership / Vision


12:38 Cody & Tirsha - Encouragement



Dear Limitless Family,


As you know this past year has been extremely challenging for the world, our church and many of us as individuals and families. We have faced lockdowns, political unrest, fear, illness and tremendous loss. Through it all we have seen God’s faithfulness and have experienced growth in our faith that we never imagined possible. Before the majority of these struggles hit a good friend of Limitless Church, Jenna Winston, sent our leadership a video of what she saw when praying for us. She said it was like we were in the middle of a storm and things were shifting and being moved around by God in a good way, but at a very rapid pace. She reminded us that if we focused on the storm or the things moving around then we would get dizzy and fall. So, instead she encouraged us to keep our eyes up and focus on Jesus, the peace in the midst of the storm! At the time we had no idea how true those words were about to become! So much has shifted and God is rapidly moving things around. As Ryan Miranda reminded us at one of our leadership meetings… these changes are just ‘forward movement’ as we seek God and continue in the direction He is leading us in. 


By now you will have noticed that Pastor Dave is taking a break from leading and preaching. When Sharon passed into eternity, the leadership gave Dave a long overdue sabbatical or leave of absence. Dave needed this time to grieve. He has also never ministered without Sharon as they had been together for 55 years, since he was 19 years old which was when he first started preaching. Though this has been the hardest thing Dave has ever faced, his faith in Jesus has not wavered at all. He has not questioned God and has been steadfast in his commitment to the Lord and His church. The length of this time off for Dave has been left undefined which is part of the reason why we have not communicated more clearly before. In addition to needing time to grieve and heal emotionally, Dave has also faced some health struggles of his own which stem from the stress he endured with Sharon as well as being her primary caregiver while she battled cancer, 9 surgeries and endless treatments over the past years. This was exasperated by a bad concussion he got from falling against a brick wall a couple months ago. So, through all of this we are grateful for your kindness and most especially your prayers. Dave has been receiving various treatments including concussion treatments twice a week and we are hopeful that he will make a full recovery soon. 


In the meantime, we are grateful that we did not have to look far to find people who are passionate about Limitless and willing to fill the gap. Along with our leadership teams and various individuals, Tirsha and Cody Thornbury have agreed to lead and preach fulltime. During the challenges of COVID in 2020, they were asked to fill the role of Lead Pastors while Dave remained (and remains) Senior Pastor. We are blessed that God has been moving things around over many years, in order for the Thornburys to be willing and able to lead in this way. Their heart and passion for Limitless and building God’s kingdom is evident and they are grateful for the opportunity to serve God, the church, and their family in this way. 


Some of the other movement in the church is very bittersweet. As most of you know Mara Mann and Josh Tucker have been leading our Children’s Ministry for many years. They have both been an incredible blessing to us. As the church, we have endeavored to love, care for, teach and build them up and now it is time to send them out into the world to pursue new ministry adventures! Josh will be going away to school to receive training that he will use for missions, ministry and whatever else God calls him to. Mara, along with her soon to be husband and our long-time friend and leader, Ed Brachtl, will be moving to Texas. Ed feels led to go to ministry school and Mara will begin her career as a teacher. Their plan is to be there for 3-4 years as Ed finishes school and then their hope is to move back to California for Ed to pursue his calling as a Pastor. While we are going to miss these three incredible people, we are so blessed to be able to send them off with our love and blessing as they pursue the life that God has laid out for them. With this void in our Children’s Ministry as well as Cody Thornbury stepping out of the role of Youth Pastor and into Lead Pastor where his focus is on adult ministry and preaching, we have begun a search for a part-time Children and Youth Pastor. We are blessed by God to have the ability and resources to find and fill this role. Bringing in a person who is passionate and called to these ministries is going to mean that we can step out of maintaining and step into building these vitally important ministries! 


The mission of Limitless Church is to “Lead People into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.” A couple years ago we embarked on a journey to reenergize our efforts to accomplish this mission. We started the journey with a weekend of leadership training that helped define specific steps to enhance the weekend experience of our existing congregation and make our campus more inviting for new people coming to our church. This effort was very successful. Some of the accomplishments include: enhanced security for children’s ministry; upgrades to the Worship Center including modified seating arrangement, a history corner, and new lighting; we installed new signage to guide our guests; we changed our name from CVCC to Limitless Church to better reflect the mission that our limitless God has for us; upgraded security with a campus rekey & security camera installation; and installed TV displays in foyer & patio to improve communication.


Then, as we’ve already discussed, the challenges of 2020 occurred. Not only were each of our lives disrupted, but also the efforts to reach out to our community. We adapted. We went from talking about online streaming, to video services, to live streaming every Sunday service. As we came out of 2020, we moved on to rebuild the fellowship opportunities around Sunday service by opening the Limitless Café. It has been a great opportunity to get great coffee, food, and engage in fellowship. 


The struggles and triumphs of this past year have changed the way people interact and the way we, as a church, reach new people. In order to help adapt to this new environment our leadership will be participating in a training event in October funded by specific donations directed to the leadership training project. This leadership training will focus on how to reach our changed world through online ministry, as well as giving us practical steps to move forward with the vision God has given us to care for and reach people through our community projects and in person ministries. 


We recognize that we have sometimes fallen short in terms of good communication with you, our church family. So, we want to commit to do a better job of this. We also want to reaffirm how much you, your presence and your support means to us. We truly believe that God brought each and every one of you to Limitless. You are significant as a child of God and member of this family. Please feel free to contact the church office, pastors, or any of our leaders if you have questions or need clarification on these or other topics. A copy of this letter along with a video from some of the leaders is available at limitlessgod.church/updates 


Keep your focus up and your eyes fixed on Jesus. We love you!

God bless, 



Vicki Satterlee on behalf of the Elders, Stewards, Deacons and Pastors

April Gregoire, Caleb Tucker, Cody Thornbury, Dave Clack, Dennis Arnold, Ed Brachtl, Jan Allen, Jeff Leist, Julie Thornbury, Linda Brafford, Mara Mann, Randy Olson, Ryan Miranda, Steve Allen, Taydn Tucker, Terri Galinato, Tiffany Lynch, Tirsha Thornbury, and Vernon Gregoire


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Tirsha: 818.903.9456 Tirsha@limitlessGod.church

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